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Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology. It aims to repair and restore wristwatches or pocket, especially Haute Horlogerie. Also ensure official technical assistance to some watch brands.


All watch brands recommend periodic maintenance:
- Annual tightness test, because the leak is not permanent
. - Complete Review by moving every five years
. This necessity, like the car, based on the fact that lubricants go losing their properties because the clock running 24 hours a day, under the requirement of accuracy.
Ignoring this brings maintenance effects that may not be immediately noticeable in the march of the clock. However, over time, will bring negative consequences for the movement (machine) and added to future repair costs. This is because each device has extensive range of movement parts, according to their degree of friction are greased specifically. When they lose their properties, they become a mass wearing their own pieces, creating gaps and desafinações, which may be irreversible.
To ensure the proper functioning and longevity of your watch, we provide several services at very competitive price ...
We invite you to visit our studio.

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Loja e Atelier
Rua São Julião,
1100-526 Lisboa

(+351) 21 604 27 01
(custo chamada para rede fixa nacional)

(+351) 93 319 14 58
(custo chamada para rede móvel nacional)

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