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It is a store-workshop that purchase, sell and trade watches from prestigious brands.
This project is in addition to the traditional market of new watches and attempt to answer some important questions those who like watches:
- What do the clocks no longer use
? - How can we find that clock that is not already in the new collections
? - I want to buy a good watch, but what? Can be an investment?
- There is an alternative to costly Overhauls brands ... but professional and guaranteed?
Who loves watches are increasingly savvy, more demanding and more sophisticated. Both buying a new watch as a used one. Takes the opportunity to sell or exchange the watches that no longer wants to play for a good, less than half the price of a new copy.
This market requires solid knowledge of product, market and mainly technical. With the alarming wave of counterfeits, increasingly sophisticated, our concept store-atelier is crucial in the process of acquiring watches. It is this selective rigor and knowledgeable resulting credibility and quality of supply.
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Loja e Atelier
Rua São Julião,
1100-526 Lisboa

(+351) 21 604 27 01
(custo chamada para rede fixa nacional)

(+351) 93 319 14 58
(custo chamada para rede móvel nacional)

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